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Choose Experience Warren Engineering has been specializing in building and home inspections for over 30 years.  We have performed over 60,000 home and commercial inspections: far exceeding any other Rochester area inspection firm. Choose Reputation The mostly highly regarded home inspection consulting firm in the Rochester NY area. Choose Knowledge All home and building inspections performed by New York State Licensed Professional engineers. Our staff is comprised of Engineers with accredited degrees including Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering. Choose Accreditation Did you know that only Licensed Professional Engineers and Architects are qualified to analyze structural conditions in a house or building in New York State? Home inspectors are not recognized by NYS as being qualified to diagnose structural problems. As licensed Engineers our evaluations are also accepted by FHA and HUD. Choose a Detailed Report Our reports are detailed narrative reports that specifically describe our findings in an easily understandable manner. Digital photography is also utilized to enhance and personalize the report. Other home inspection firms will provide a more general and “boiler plate” check sheet format, usually provided by a franchise organization. Choose Ethics We work for you! Although we enjoy a great reputation with the real estate community in the Rochester area, we understand it is the home buyer that we must serve. Warren Engineering does not have any financial bond with real estate companies, including payment of advertising fees in exchange for referrals. Choose the firm that Real Estate professionals use when they are buying a home!

Why have a property inspection?

Your peace of mind.As with any worthwhile investment, buying a property should involve taking a careful look at what you're getting for your money. It simply doesn't make sense to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in new or existing property without an expert evaluation. A quality home or building inspection helps you make better decisions. It can also save money and expensive surprises.

You should choose the most experienced and qualified Professional Engineers to perform this important evaluation.  Choose the firm that realtors choose when they are purchasing their own home - Warren Engineering.

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