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Other Services

Radon Testing

Our firm also provides Radon tests in conformance with EPA standards. We utilize state of the art electronic continuous radon monitors for our tests. In certain areas of Monroe, Ontario and surrounding counties, radon can be very prevalent and although it is not mandatory for an inspection, we highly recommend confirming radon levels for the safety and health of you and your family. If there is a problem, it can be negotiated with the final contract as remediation of the problem is an expense.

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Chimney Inspections

Our inspections include a limited evaluation of fireplaces and chimneys. However, we are not chimney specialists and we are not specialists in regards to wood stoves. Some of our clients opt for a separate inspection performed by a chimney specialist to reduce the risks associated with deficiencies in chimneys, wood stoves, and fireplaces. If our client desires, we can arrange for an inspection by an independent chimney specialist who will accompany us on our inspection so that a more detailed evaluation of the fireplace(s), chimney(s) and wood stoves can be performed.

Partial Inspections and Structural Inspections

The Licensed Professional Engineers in our firm specialize in existing building construction. It is not uncommon for home and building owners to hire our firm to evaluate specific aspects of a building that they currently own. Examples would include evaluations of roofs, attic ventilation, basement water infiltration, foundation issues, structural framing, new construction methods and materials, etc. Please feel free to contact our office for specific information regarding such services.

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